Should WordPress Designers have a Crocoblock Subscription

Should WordPress Designers have a Crocoblock Subscription
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Crocoblock changed my WordPress design career


Crocoblock has been one of the best investments so far in my WordPress web design career. While building sites with Elementor, I have noticed that I was limited by the plugins out-of-the box functionality. Crocoblock works seamlessly and integrated into the Elementor plugin, and I am able to better customize websites the way I want as well as add huge functionality to my clients websites.


Extending Elementor’s functionality


crocoblock subscription for elementor wordpress


Before I started learning about these plugins out there, such as Crocoblock, Premium Add-ons, and Essential Add-ons, I have always wondered if there was a way to “edit” these plugins to do certain things that I came up with in my head that may impress the client. Another thought lingered, I would find myself asking “what if a client wants a certain look for a section?” As a WordPress web designer using Elementor Pro, I need to be able to deliver high quality sites to clients that are able to function the way they want without using code.


The CrocoBlock subscription


Que the Elementor extension plugins – Crocoblock has been a life savor for me because it basically provides me with everything I need to build a clients site. This includes AJAX search, special filters for products and custom post types, and listings. The Crocoblock subscription also offers several several features for on page elements like custom query post carousals and extending editing features for WooCommerce which really makes this suite a key investment if you are serious about building WordPress websites for clients.


Crocoblock has helped earn me more money building WordPress websites


One thing is for certain, the moment I purchased a Crocoblock subscription, I almost instantly started earning more money working with clients. You see, people often say it’s not the tools you use it’s how you work with what you have now. I do believe in this, however, working with the latest technology and becoming experienced with the tools WILL earn you more money.


How Crocoblock made client work much easier


For example, a client of a music school company asked me to build a certain style of custom post type that I believed originally could have been done using any Custom Post Type plugin. However, I found it really easy to build out the template pages they needed for their employees and site managers to go in and quickly edit content on the backend seamlessly as opposed to doing this with Avada theme (fusion builder) which is what their previous WordPress designer used to build the site.


Dynamic content


dynamic content


They would edit or add content in one spot, and it will automatically generate the custom made template that you creating using Elementor by adding in dynamic content widgets and design elements right in the element or editor. This populates the content that is then added in from the backend by clients or their employees and displays this content dynamically without having to edit directly from the front end of the site like you’d do with static pages using code or other page builders.


Dynamic calendar


dynamic Calendar

Ready to upgrade your website?

I build custom WordPress websites that look great and are easy to manage.

Ready to upgrade your website?

I build custom WordPress websites that look great and are easy to manage.

Table of Contents:

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