How To Get WordPress Clients

How To Get WordPress Clients
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Marketing your WordPress design services


Clients are hiring you to help them get results. Most of the time, this leaves a lot of room for you to use your expertise and creativity to provide them with the best possible service you can to help them achieve results. I recommend reaching out to friends and family, to see if they need a website or know somebody that might be needing a website.


Word of mouth


Word of mouth is the strongest form of marketing WordPress design services. This is a personal and built on trust between you and the person referring you to friends and colleagues.


Socia media


Creating social media content is another great way to get your name out there. Millions of people are connected to the internet at any given time and reaching these people are imperative. You don’t need to post everyday to reach people. You can plan out your content in advance or just post when you feel like it. I notice the quality of posts are much higher when you don’t feel pressured to post on a certain schedule.




Aside from posting WordPress design service content on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,  you can also create a personal blog to write about your experiences and expertise in your field. I am writing this blog post now and I will be sharing it on the website you are reading now. You can guest post on other bloggers websites as well if you reach out to them and feel you have something valuable to share with their audience. The point of blogging in my opinion is to share your thoughts, experiences and expertise you find will bring value to readers.


Website audit


wordpress website audit


Website audits are often overlooked, mainly because it requires effort and can be time consuming. There are tools that can be used to speed up the process and make these run smooth. I offer a free guide so you can take advantage of my client acquisition process and start gaining high ticket clients much easier than before.


Becoming a master at your craft


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Sometimes we can get caught up in sales and marketing without putting a focus on the product or service itself. Usually we find good products are easily able to market themselves over a period of time. When clients talk about your work, that means they are very impressed and to them, it’s a masterpiece. Freelancers should always be striving to become the best at what they do. I remember when I got started with freelancing, I would look around at others peoples work and think, “I can do that” and sometimes I would see work that would be far from what I have created before which really impressed me. It starts with your attitude, and willing to become better and better everyday.


The saying goes, “it’s not a race, it’s a marathon” and this is very true in the creative arts and in freelancing. You need to take your work very seriously and strive to become the best, come hell or high water. The truth is, there is someone out there that is trying to out work you, and become the best themselves. This doesn’t happen overnight, but it takes a little effort everyday, this adds up overtime until you look back and see how far you’ve come.


Offering free work


Some will disagree with offering free work, however when I was starting out in web design, free work felt like the best option to get my skills out there in the world. I began practicing with Elementor because I felt other WordPress plugins and page builders were over complicated and restricted a lot of design control. It’s as simple as becoming confident in your ability to produce work that your prospects would love, then offering your service for free to get the review from them and have something tangible to show potential paying clients.


Hands-on experience


Once you have a review and a published website that you can show potential clients, the sky is the limit. My first site I built for myself, it was a soccer training business website that I was very proud of. My brother who owns a private swim lesson business was very impressed with my work. He was in need of a website so I asked him to give me a shot, he then hired me to build his WordPress site in which he paid me $2,000 for the early version of his WordPress website. He still hires me today to work on different things here and there for his business WordPress website.

Ready to upgrade your website?

I build custom WordPress websites that look great and are easy to manage.

Ready to upgrade your website?

I build custom WordPress websites that look great and are easy to manage.

Table of Contents:

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