Do Web Designers Use WordPress?

Do Web Designers Use WordPress?
web designers using wordpress

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WordPress is currently powering over 36% of the internet to date. It is without a doubt, one of the most popular CMS platforms on the internet. There are competing CMS platforms such as Joomla, Drupal, Shopify and many more that I won’t get into in this post.

WordPress is growing at about 3% each year and owns roughly 60% of the global CMS market share according to W3techs chart. This puts WordPress at a huge advantage over competitors. We are going to cover some of the reasons why we believe web designers use WordPress.


w3techs chart comparing wordpress to competitor cms



What is a content management system?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a platform that allows you to publish and manage your content and present it as pages and posts. You can expand functionality through various themes and plugins. The server will house various images, posts, videos, content and more. Things get even better when you add plugins like page builders and dynamic content compatibly.


Ease of use

Designing WordPress sites is getting easier and easier. With so many resources out there it’s hard not to find a google article or video explaining how the backend works. WordPress was built to serve developers and individuals who wanted to make a website without having to be an expert at coding. You are able to download plugins and themes that allow you to customize the look and feel, as well as the functionality of your website. Below, I have listed some of my favorite plugins and themes that I use for my personal website and my clients sites as well.





Elementor is my go-to tool for designing websites in WordPress. I use this tool for basically every new client project I take on. My team has extensive experience in other page builders like DIVI and Beaver builder, but we all agree that nothing beats Elementor for designing WordPress websites.


Elementor Screenshot



The crocoblock suite is by far my favorite plugins to use for customizing WordPress websites. For a one-time fee or yearly subscription, you get access to many different types of plugins like, Jet Engine, which allows you to create custom post types and fields. Think about all of the amazing listings you can have for food bloggers, vacation rentals, home listings, a database for instructors, and more!


crocoblock screenshot


Wp Rocket

By far the best plugin for WordPress speed. I have the unlimited subscription that allows me to add the plugin to all of my client’s websites. This drastically increases the speed of


wp rocket screenshot






Astra pro theme for WordPress is just plain amazing. It’s great for WooCommerce websites and I use it on big websites that allow for t0 customize various parts of the wordpress website.


Astra Theme screenshot



Hello theme is a super fast lightweight theme developed by Elementor. I use this theme for most of my clients because it’s a blank, clean and fast theme that has no bloat. It allows me to custom build the entire front end without any heavy defined styling features.


hello theme screenshot

Ready to upgrade your website?

I build custom WordPress websites that look great and are easy to manage.

Ready to upgrade your website?

I build custom WordPress websites that look great and are easy to manage.

Table of Contents:

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